Over 200 tonnes of halloysite-kaolin has been extracted from Carey's Well to be sent for commercial scale processing trials in China and Western Australia in the lead-up to negotiations with customers to supply Direct Shipping Ore of halloyiste-kaolin from Poochera.

Completion of Bulk Sampling at Carey’s Well

Well over 200 tonnes of halloysite-kaolin has been extracted from the Carey's Well deposit, located on the Poochera Halloysite-Kaolin Project in South Australia.

The material has been bagged ready for transportation to Port Adelaide for shipment.

140 tonnes will be used for commercial scale processing trials in China and another 40 tonnes in Australia, with results anticipated later this quarter, leading to offtake negotiations during the next quarter.

The remaining material will be used to supply other potential customers who have already requested samples of the mineralisation.

This bulk sample program is a key step forward in the development of the Carey's Well deposit and greater Poochera Kaolin-Halloysite Project, with the processing and costing results to be used in feasibility studies.

Geotechnical data was also collected during the exercise for use in the mine design.

Advancing the halloyiste-kaolin potential is a crucial step in Andromeda Metals' strategy of fast tracking an early Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) business, whilst continuing to work on value-added processed halloysite-kaolin product and testing to prove up a superior 5N (99.999% Al2O3) High Purity Alumina (HPA) feedstock.


Completion of Bulk Sampling at Carey's Well
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