Excellent dry processing trial results have been achieved from Carey's Well ore which has shown that vertually all of the quartz sand impurities contained within the raw ore is able to be removed

Excellent Dry Processing Trial Results from Carey’s Well Ore

Testing in Australia using dry sorting methods has shown that the quartz sand impurities contained within the raw ore can be reduced from an approximate 50% content down to less than 1%.

The results exceeded expectations, proving that a dry processing method is a feasible option for consideration in studies to upgrade the value of the halloysite-kaolin ore. This is a key step forward in the development of the Poochera Halloysite-Kaolin Project.

In addition, bulk sample testing is due to commence soon at a number of sites owned by potential end users. 140 tonnes is now in China at a wet processing kaolin plant awaiting testing, 20 kaolin is being prepared for shipping to another Chinese wet processor and a smaller amount to a Chinese dry processing plant.

Outside of China discussions have commenced with potential end users in Japan and Europe.

Advancing the halloysite-kaolin potential at Poochera is a crucial step in Androemda Metals' strategy, whilst continuing to prove the resource as a premium High Purity Alumina (HPA) feedstock.



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