Non-binding offtake Letters of Intent totaling 405,000tpa for Direct Shipping Ore of halloysite-kaolin from Carey's Well have been received from potential Asian customers which add to the 307,000tpa of Dry-Processed and 208,000tpa of Wet-Processed material already received

Direct Shipping Ore Offtakes Secured for Halloysite-Kaolin Product

New non-binding offtake Letters of Intent (LOI) received from potential customers for Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) halloysite-kaolin product totalling 405,000tpa.

Longyan Kaolin China, a world leader in specialty halloysite-kaolin minerals for the ceramics industry, has signed a LOI for 200,000tpa of DSO.

Beihai Kaolin, which has one of China's largest capacity kaolin processing facilities, has also signed a LOI for 200,000tpa of DSO.

Yamada Toskio Shoten in Japan has signed a LOI for 5,000tpa of DSO for their Japanese operation that supplies the domestic high-value ceramics market.

All potential customers confirmed an indictaive product pricing range of AU$115 - AU$140/t CIF.

This is in addition to the 307,000tpa of LOI's signed by Chinese companies for dry-processed mineral (ASX announcement 29 July 2019 - 'Additional Offtake for Dry-Processed Halloysite-Kaolin Product'), and for 208,000tpa of wet-processed mineral (ASX announcement 25 June 2018 - 'Chinese Demand for Carey's Well Halloysite-Kaolin Grows').

Securing significant DSO offtake confirms strong and growing market demand for all three product forms of the Carey's Well halloysite-kaolin.

All volume and market pricing information will be utilised in the Scoping Study, due for completion by the end of September 2019.

Exploration activities are currently being planned for Mount Hope, where a historic non-JORC 12.2Mt halloysite-kaolin resource has been reported (ASX announcement 24 October 2018 - 'Exploration Licence Application for Mount Hope Halloysite-Kaolin'), and at Camel Lake where high purity halloysite surface samples have been collected. 


DSO Offtakes Secured for Halloysite-Kaolin Product
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