Commencement of Drilling at Poochera


An extensive drilling program has commenced this week at the Poochera Halloysite-Kaolin Project comprising both aircore and diamond drilling.

An approximate 4,000 metre aircore drilling program will be focused at Carey's Well where drilling will be directed towards obtaining additional data for the determination of final pit designs, undertake sterilisation for proposed plant and waste dump locations, and to further test extensions to the Carey's Well Mineral Resource.

Aircore drilling will also be undertaken at the Condooringie prospect to follow up on some promising drill results achieved from the aircore drilling program conducted earlier in the year.

Diamond drilling will be conducted at the Carey's Well deposit to provide geotechnical information on the orebody and underlying rock. Chemical assays along with petrologic, structual and mineralogical studies of the cores will be carried out and used in pit wall stability studies.

Results from the dual drilling programs will be used in the current Feasibility Study which is now in progress.

An update to the Carey's Well Mineral Resource based upon results from the April-May 2019 drilling program is nearing completion and will be reported shortly.