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Halloysite is a rare form of kaolin where the mineral naturally occurs as nanotubes; microscopic tubes, the diameter of which is measured in nanometres (one billionth of a metre) and is imperceptible to the human eye.

The properties of halloysite nanotubes make halloysite-kaolin products ideally suited to a diverse range of specialist applications, attracting a significant premium above the average kaolin price.

Halloysite-kaolin has long been prized in the manufacture of high-grade porcelain.

The use of high-grade kaolin in ceramic products brings improved strength and chip-resistance.

The inclusion of halloysite increases structural integrity meaning that items hold their shape during production, resulting in a superior fired product.

New applications for our most researched clay mineral


The field of Halloysite Nanotube Technology (HNT) has been growing with new applications creating a demand for these microscopic materials.

Andromeda's 100% owned subsidiary Natural Nanotech Pty Ltd, is investing in this research, in partnership with the University of Newcastle’s Global Innovative Center for Advanced Nanomaterials (GICAN).

HNT applications

Halloysite-kaolin can be used as an inert replacement for carbon nanotubes in high-tech applications such as hydrogen storage, water purification, carbon capture, soil remediation and renewable energy. The inert properties that serve kaolin in traditional applications, such as in medicines for stomach conditions, are advantageous in nanotechnological applications.

Essential products

Research into new applications for halloysite-kaolin includes in essential products in healthcare, agriculture (slow release fertiliser), and construction industries. Its use assists in the delivery of targeted drugs for cancer, improved properties for implants in dentistry and orthopaedics, and the control of pests on food crops.

Our Projects

Unlocking the world's largest reserves of halloysite-kaolin

Great White Project

Located southwest of Poochera on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, our flagship project is centred on the large, high-quality Great White Deposit, a naturally occurring blend of halloysite tubes and kaolinite plates.

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