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Mount Hope Kaolin Project

Project status

March 2021:

Infill drilling targeting the thicker, kaolinised weathered gneiss at the southern half of the Mount Hope resource was completed.

Results from the drilling will inform an updated Mineral Resource Estimate.

The Mount Hope Kaolin Project, wholly owned by Andromeda, is located 80 km northwest of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It contains some of the brightest, whitest kaolin in the world.

The Mt Hope Kaolin Deposit has an Inferred Resource Estimate of 18.0 Mt of kaolinised granite.

Alongside the significant kaolin deposits in the Great White Kaolin Project, the Mount Hope Kaolin Project represents another opportunity for Andromeda to secure the long-term supply of premium-quality kaolin to our customers.

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Market opportunity

While kaolin is well-known for its use in ceramics production, it is found in hundreds of objects in everyday use including cosmetics, paint, rubber, medicines, paper, agriculture, and plastics. Every modern home and car contain kaolin in some form.

Testing of ultra-high purity kaolin sourced from the Mount Hope Kaolin Projecthas delivered exceptional ISO brightness results (a measuring standard for brightness) superior to current market leading products. This attribute lends itself to the paper, paint and coatings market where pure kaolinite with exceptional brightness is desired.

Together with the Great White Kaolin Project, the Mount Hope Kaolin Project supports our vision to supply the world with superior quality kaolin for use in premium products.

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Genuine commitment to open and ethical relationships with our community is at the core of Andromeda’s values.

We respect and value the communities in which we operate, we will source skills locally in the first instance, and encourage our team ’shop local’ and contribute to the local economy.

If you have any questions about the Mount Hope Kaolin Project, please reach out to the Andromeda team.

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